Pricing Schedule

Residential Home Inspections

0-1500 Sq. Ft.$300
1501-2000 Sq. Ft.$325
2001-2500 Sq. Ft.$350
2501-3000 Sq. Ft.$375
3001-3500 Sq. Ft.$400
3501-4000 Sq. Ft.$425
4001-4500 Sq. Ft.$450
4501-5000 Sq. Ft.$500
5001-5500 Sq. Ft.$575
5501-6000 Sq. Ft.$655

/ Townhouses

0-1200 Sq. Ft.$275
1201-1500 Sq Ft. $300
1501-2000 Sq. Ft.$325

Mulit-Unit Housing (Up to Fourplex)

First Unit, up to 900sf$275
Each Additional Unit$75
Termite inspection, call for pricing
Units 40+ years old, ask for quote
By Quote for Larger Units

Optional Inspection Items

Swimming Pool$55
Spa/Hot Tub$25
Pool/Spa Combo$70
Detached Structure w/o Utilities$25
Detached Structure With Utilities$75
Termite Inspection$55

Additional Fees

Homes 40+ Years Old$40
Escrow Billing$75

Acceptable Forms of Payment Include: Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard

*Additional $10 Charge when paying via Pay Pal
**Make checks and money orders payable to Stratton Inspections
***Submit PayPal payments to